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Autio Company Products

Autio Meat and Fish Grinder
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  • Fresh, frozen, meat, poultry, seafood, product recovery, waste and size reduction

  • High performance - Up to 60,000 lbs/hour

  • Multiple  grinder models cater to varied processing needs.

  • Easy clean-up & maintenance

  • High capacity hoppers, Available in various sizes to meet facility-specific demands.

  • Patented screw & barrel

  • Available with pump attached

  • Quick return on investment

  • Custom built to order

Autio Product Transfer Pumping Unit
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  • Versatile Handling:

    • Transfers ground meat, fish, poultry, and semi-solids.

    • Handles various sizes, from small to coarse, including meats, fats, bones, slurries, and waste.

  • Efficiency and Savings:

    • Eliminates conveyors, belts, 
      reducing material loss.

    • Transfers up to 2 1/2 lbs. per revolution, optimizing usage.

  • Low Maintenance, High Production:

    • Low maintenance, quick cleanup design.

    • Three sizes, outputting 40,000 lbs./hour.

  • Options for Any Setup:

    • Stainless steel, plated, or black finishes.

    • Complete unit or standalone pump for existing lines.

  • Compliance and Customization:

    • USDA approved for food processing.

    • Custom-built to order, ensuring operational fit.

Autio Sacker
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  • Rugged Construction:

    • Durable build and materials for robust performance.

  • Fast Operation:

    • Efficient and quick in mixing or sacking processes.

  • Automatic Measuring:

    • Precise and automated ingredient proportions or stacking.

  • High Capacity:

    • 1,200 lb. capacity hopper or customizable based on needs.

    • Available in larger sizes for diverse applications.

  • Motor Options:

    • Choice of 5 HP or 7.5 HP for reliable power.

  • Material Options:

    • Constructed in stainless steel or mild steel.

Autio Equipment Parts

Replacement Parts

  • Largest Inventory of Genuine Autio parts Available.
  • Same Day Shipping Available in most cases
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